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Modern Times Review – The European Documentary Magazine – is the continent’s only online/print publication covering the world of non-fiction.

Modern Times Review – The European Documentary Magazine – can be found at all the primary European documentary festivals, on-site for audiences, and in the delegate bags of professionals. Printed three times annually and with regularly updated online content, our archive of nearly 2000 reviews and articles cover all documentary films and books that matter.

Mit Inhalten von Kritikern, die der europäischen Filmgemeinschaft bekannt sind, bietet The Modern Times Review Die politische / ethische redaktionelle Linie ist dreifach: Internationaler Konflikt (Krieg / Friedensaktivismus / Gewalt), Gesellschaftliche Kontrolle (Surveillance / Bureaucracy / Finance / AI) und Fragen von Ökologie / Philosophie / Existenzialismus.


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